Shipping policy

When Checking Out we please ask that you provide as many details as possible with your Shipping Address so we can assure that your package makes it to the right destination. Additional information such Regions, an Apartment Number, and even providing a Phone Number can secure a higher chance of your package arriving and not getting lost.

During High Volume Order Periods (release days) orders may not be marked as "Shipped" until 7-14 days after purchasing. Our team will do our very best to have you order shipped out within 3 days after ordering during Regular Order Volume Periods. We are small in staff, but we promise to do our best to fulfil your order and get it to your doorstep as soon as possible. 

When choosing the Standard Shipping Option your package may take up to 4-6 months to be received in countries outside of Australia. Tracking through Australia Post (our origin shipping country) is available to purchase upon checking out and varies in price depending on destination.

Please be advised by your local post office about your current postal worker and country’s border situation. Australia Post is still operating Internationally and has advised us to tell all customers to choose International Air Mail Shipping for outside of Australia, as Standard Shipping could take anywhere from 3-6 months with the current pandemic and we do not want you to wait that long for your order. Discretion is at the decision of the customer on what option to use at Check Out, but we highly recommend International Air Mail as your option for shipping at the moment if you reside outside of Australia. 

If you package does not arrive after 6 Months of being shipped and has not been returned to us then we can claim the shipment as "lost". We ask you to contact us if this has happens to your order. This situation is usually very rare, but happens from time to time and we would be happy to remedy it.

Border Fees: Purchasing outside of Australia could result in Border Tax Fees depending on your country and their Border's Duty Policies. These fees are at the discretion of the buyer and we ask that you do your research before purchasing so you are aware of any additional fees you may have to pay upon receiving your package. This information is best required by speaking to your local postal outlet retail worker.

For any questions or concerns about making an order with us please to contact our staff at